INA VOKICH brand was established in 2015. The first collection of knitted suits by INA VOKICH consisted of 10 cozy and stylish designs made in pastel colors. Success was so huge, so we decided to expand the range of suits and added dresses and cardigans.



Our main idea is making cozy, top quality knitted clothes for day-to-day outfits. Implementing unusual combination of color, d├ęcor and shapes INA VOKICH brand reinvented casual knitted suit as a stylish and chic outfit. INA VOKICH philosophy is based on using only great quality natural materials and trendy design.

All steps of manufacturing like choosing the best yarn, creating unique design and making brand packaging are under thorough control by specialists from Latvia and Russia.



The main secret of INA VOKICH's knit is using only high-quality yarn and accuracy in the manufacturing process. Cashmere also known as a royal knit is the best material to get warm. In combination with a highly stretchable viscose fiber cashmere makes suits not only soft and warm but also comfortable and cozy.

INA VOKICH brand is using only long fleece which is strong along the entire length. Due to this there are no spools on items.



Brand's technologists were working for a long time to create the perfect fit of knitted trousers for any women, to find the ideal formula to make trousers comfortable and soft and to avoid stretching.

INA VOKICH brand uses more yarn than other manufactures to make more smooth and tight knit. That's the reason why our products keep the shape.

Lots of models are manually decorated by pearls, beads, fur and feather, that's why suits look so chic and unique.